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April 28, 2020

New income streams available for individuals through DPVN social distancing solutions for independent artists, entrepreneurs and content creators.

By: SPMG Media Corporation
Be A DPVN Ambassador

LOS ANGELES - April 28, 2020 - PRLog -- Double EE Productions, LLC (D'EE'P) announced this week they would be adding Commissioned Ambassadors to broaden their DPVN brand experience.

With COVID-19 and the need to institute Social Distancing, D'EE'P is now offering those interested in becoming DPVN Ambassadors an opportunity to present the company's opportunities to independent artists, entrepreneurs and more.

DPVN is a co-shared global network of creators and entrepreneurs. A division of Double EE Productions, LLC; DPVN provides a platform, distribution services and marketing to independent creators. Potential client's content is reviewed, approved, then set up on the appropriate DPVN platform. Through their marketing partnership with SPMG Media, the program is distributed to more than 1.2 million global subscribers via press release distributed to media (television/radio/publications), blast, social media, websites, partner sites and through their appropriate digital publications. DPVN Creators receive 50% of the revenue from subscription programming they secure monthly.


DPVN Programs

is a channel for content creators that create programs that entertain, uplift and bring insight to the world that we live in.

is a channel for entrepreneurs that have products to sell to our subscribers. We act as your media partner in creating platforms that draw awareness to your online store.

DPVN Live!
is a live streaming co-share channel build for performance artists in various genres of the arts.

DPVN Movies
is a scheduled streaming co-shared channel built for independent filmmakers and documentarians, that create content that fits our mission to entertain, uplift and bring insight to the lives of our viewers.

DPVN University
is our learning channel for individuals that want to better their lives, mind, body and soul. These DPVN Creators are businesses that are providing Master Classes in their specific subject matter. Watch their programs and connect with them personally to help you get answers and fix challenging areas of your life.

When you partner with DPVN as an Ambassador, you're sharing this great opportunity with independent artists and entrepreneurs. As they sign up, you receive a commission. This is a great fit for someone that loves the entertainment industry and enjoys working for a company that is helping independent individuals in the entertainment industry, as well as entrepreneurs while getting paid to do so.

"We are excited to offer this opportunity to individuals in light of the current economic conditions. We exist in a much different climate than two months ago. Our platforms offer indie artists and entrepreneurs an opportunity to take advantage of the current #StayAtHome dynamics, engage a broader audience AND secure income in the process. At the same time our Ambassadors secure income from locating those content creators that sign up for our platform. It is a win-win,"
says Kori Raishon, Founder of Double EE Productions, LLC.

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About Double EE Productions, LLC

Double EE Productions, LLC provides small businesses with affordable mainstream media marketing services. With big businesses now competing with small businesses, digital media is the means that allows small businesses to stay viable in the eyes, ears and in the hands of new and constant consumers.

Double EE Productions, LLC is also a media content producer. Our In-House division creates podcasts, live events, and video content. Our partnership with SPMG Media brings connection to television/radio/print media, 1.2 million subscribers and followers, as well as their more than 27 media platforms and digital publications.


Kori Raishon, Founder and CEO